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We are very careful when it comes to your safety. You don’t need to worry about infections or bloodborne pathogens as we use 100% disposable tools, needles, and cartridges. The needle cartridges we use have a safety membrane built in to ensure that there is no risk of pigment or bodily fluids traveling up the machine towards the motor and the hand-piece. The membrane is also a one-way system, ensuring that no bacteria, viruses or any germs are not able to penetrate the membrane and contaminate the client’s bloodstream.


We sterilize and sanitize equipment and workplace after each treatment and each client and use disposable needles and other products. 

However, it is important to remember that not only PMU Artist but also the client is responsible for safety during procedure. 


A detailed consultation will always be carried out before the treatment, and it isn’t only just a formality – during this appointment client should inform the professional about any diseases and conditions, as well as medications that may be a contraindication to Permanent Makeup. 


Also, aftercare and proper hygiene after treatment are very important, this will minimize any risk of infections. 

Permanent Makeup treatments are generally safe for everyone, but unfortunately, isn’t safe for people who suffer from certain conditions:

  • People with diabetes

  • People with serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy or autoimmune disorders

  • People during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • People with any bleeding disorders

  • People who take blood thinning medications

  • People who’ve recently had Botox injections or fillers (at least 2 weeks should pass before you get PMU)

  • People with viral infections or diseases

  • People who are going through chemotherapy

  • People with skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area

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