Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Hello, Dear Ladies! There are a lot of myths about permanent makeup! Today I'm going to bust several 😃

1️⃣Eyebrows hairs must be removed before the procedure! NO!!! It is not necessary. The GOAL of Permanent Makeup is to improve the existing shape, not to create new one or artificial eyebrows. Myth busted :)

2️⃣Permanent Makeup is always bright and dark! My clients can always choose color, brightness and any effect they wants. If you desire natural eyebrows, then I will do my best to fulfill that. If you prefers brighter eyebrows, no problem I can do that too! Definitely busted :)

3️⃣ One procedure is enough and no Touch-up needed! The pigment is the foreign in your body. The body begins to fight and tries to push out the pigment. So only from 30 to 80 percentage of the pigment will remain when it's absorbed. Touch-Up is needed and myth is busted!

4️⃣Permanent makeup never fades. It's a most popular myth. I work only with a high quality organic pigments. They are fades evenly. If not repeat the procedure in approximately after 2 years, permanent makeup will fully fades over the time. Myth also busted!

Best regards,

Rita Makmak | Permanent Makeup Artist

Your Beauty Is My Passion

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