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Post Procedure

Permanent Makeup Care

After the Permanent Makeup procedure has been performed, a good final result depends on the proper care of the procedure area until complete recovery of the skin. Therefore, spend a few minutes for reading this material to learn how to care for the Permanent Makeup!

General recommendations:

No matter what zone the permanent makeup is made in, whether these are Lips, Eyebrows or Eyeliner (eyelids), it should not be soaked or steamed. It is contraindicated to go in for sports during the first week after the procedure, it is also better to avoid intense physical activities. During this period it is better not to use decorative cosmetics on the area of the permanent makeup to avoid infecting it.

As for sunbathing: you cannot sunbathe for 21 days! After 21 days you can visit a solarium or sunbathe, but you should necessarily use sunscreen. Any pigment (by absolutely any brand or country of production) tends to fade out.

During the first month after the permanent makeup procedure you should refrain from visiting baths, saunas and swimming pools. There, the skin gets steamed out, the pores expand, and the pigment can “leave” through the enlarged pores.

And most importantly, the permanent makeup area cannot be scratched or rubbed, and the crust should not be removed in any other way!

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup:

If after two days the Eyebrow permanent makeup area is dry and tightened, you can use a nourishing cream. Apply a thin layer of the remedy, do not leave it for a long time and remove the excess by blotting with a dry cotton pad or a cotton swab. When the crusts peel off, the eyebrows will seem to be very bright but the color will restore from 7th to 28th day. The final capsulation of the pigment in the skin occurs after 28-31 days from the day of the procedure. A correction is recommended after 4-6 weeks but no later than 7 weeks.

Eyeliner (eyelid) Permanent Makeup:

The eyeliner (eyelid) Permanent Makeup care is the easiest! Do not wet your eyes with water 3-4 days after the procedure. Do not use decorative cosmetics. The crusts in the form of thin pellicle should not be removed from the eyelid area in any case. A correction is recommended after 4-6 weeks but no later than 7 weeks.

Lips Permanent Makeup:

The lips require special attention. First of all, anti-herpes medicines ones which your doctor may recommend should be taken for three days after the procedure. After performing the Permanent Makeup procedure, do not soak your lips for a day, and also refrain from hot and spicy food. Lubricate the permanent makeup area with a nourishing cream containing vitamin E or use hygienic lipstick with vitamin E from the very first day. A correction is recommended after 4-6 weeks but no later than 7 weeks.

Remember that the final result depends on the correct healing after the Permanent Makeup! And further proper care of the permanent makeup will extend its “life”!

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