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Permanent Lip Makeup in Rockville, MD

Your dream lips become our mission, and we work hard to make sure you get the results you've been dreaming of.

The Difference You’re Looking For

At Rita Makmak Beauty we believe in a personal touch. We take time to understand your unique vision and what you want, especially when it comes to permanent lip makeup in Rockville, MD.

Imagine the confidence boost that comes with having perfectly defined lips. It's time to level up your lip game and embrace the confidence that comes with stunning lips. 

What Is Permanent Lip Makeup?

The process of doing permanent lip makeup involves implanting pigments underneath the top layer of skin on the lips and can be done in various styles such as opaque permanent lipstick, shape-enhancing permanent lip liner, sheer lip blushing, or even aquarelle lips.

It is also capable of lightening dark lips, providing them with a warmer hue, and covering scars.

Nowadays, permanent makeup does not involve tattoo ink but instead uses PMU pigments, and as a result, the lip tattoo is not permanent. The permanent lip color will gradually diminish over time, necessitating periodic touch-ups to maintain its freshness.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Permanent Lip Makeup?

People who enjoy wearing lipstick but find it bothersome to reapply it frequently might be interested in permanent lip makeup. Additionally, women who desire plumper lips can benefit from this procedure. While it may not be as effective as lip fillers, it can still enhance the appearance of the lips by making them look fuller.

A technique called dark lip neutralization has been developed specifically to even out the skin tone of lips that are high in melanin and give them a warmer hue.

Permanent lipstick is also a good option for people with uneven lips, as it can conceal any asymmetry and make the lips appear more proportional.

The best permanent lip color for you
Permanent lip makeup healing process

Is Permanent Lip Makeup Treatment Painful?

The lip area is very sensitive and having a needle pierce your lips over and over might sound a bit scary. However, a numbing cream is applied before the needling starts in order to eliminate the pain. Most clients report that it’s uncomfortable, but not painful.

Permanent Lip Makeup Healing Process

  • Immediate Post-Procedure: Right after the session, your lips may appear darker and more intense than you expected. But don't panic; this is completely normal and temporary. The color will soften and settle in the following weeks.

  • Initial Swelling and Redness: You might experience some swelling and redness in the treated area immediately after the procedure. This is a natural response, and it typically subsides within a day or two.


  • Dryness and Itching: Your lips might feel a bit dry and itchy during the healing process. Resist the urge to peel or scratch them; this could disrupt the healing process and affect the final result.


  • Avoiding Moisture: It's essential to keep the treated area dry during the initial healing phase. Avoid swimming, saunas, hot tubs, and activities that make you sweat excessively.


  • Sun Protection: Protect your lips from excessive sun exposure, especially during the healing phase. UV rays can fade the pigment, so consider using lip balm with SPF or wearing a wide-brimmed hat when outdoors.


  • Follow Aftercare Instructions: Your technician will provide you with specific aftercare guidelines. These often include applying a healing ointment to keep your lips moisturized and protected.


  • Multiple Sessions: Some individuals may require Touch-Up sessions to achieve their desired results. These sessions are typically scheduled a 4 weeks after the initial treatment to make any necessary adjustments.


  • Full Healing: The complete healing process usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, the pigment will settle into its true color, and your lips will have a more natural appearance.

The best lip blushing in Rockville, MD
Permanent lip makeup in Rockville, MD

What Factors Influence the Duration of Permanent Lip Makeup?

Skin type
The most significant factor that determines the durability of a lip tattoo is one's skin type. Individuals with oily skin will require more frequent touch-ups to sustain the color as the surplus sebum discharged from the pores surrounding the lips forces out the pigment.
Your way of living also has a significant role. If you engage in activities that cause excessive sweating or swimming, there is a higher chance that your tattooed lips will fade quicker. Similarly, smoking can also have the same effect.

Sunlight exposure
The PMU pigments can fade more quickly due to the acceleration caused by the sun.

Skincare products
PMU can fade at an accelerated rate when exposed to certain skincare ingredients, such as retinol and acids, as well as mechanical exfoliation that eliminates pigmented cells.

If you have come back for touch-up, your permanent lip color will naturally last longer

Elevate Your Lip Look with Permanent Makeup Styles

Say goodbye to smudging lipsticks and constant touch-ups. Our permanent lip makeup offers a range of stunning styles that replicate the effect of various lip makeup products. Discover the perfect style to enhance your natural beauty:

1. Lip Blush: The all-rounder

  • Adaptable and in-demand.

  • Achieve a soft, rosy hue.

  • Enhance your lips' natural beauty.

2. Full Lip Color: Vibrant and long-lasting

  • Bold, vibrant color that stays put.

  • Perfect for those who love statement lips.

  • Kiss-proof and smudge-proof.

3. Lip Liner: Shape and define

  • Accentuate your lip's natural contour.

  • Create fuller-looking lips.

  • A stunning choice for those who desire defined lips.

4. Ombre Lip Blush: Subtle and elegant

  • A hint of color for a romantic look.

  • Enhance your lips' natural shade.

  • Subtly captivating.

5. Aquarelle Lips: Artistic and unique

  • Inspired by watercolor art.

  • A blend of soft, harmonious hues.

  • Truly one-of-a-kind lips.


Each style is carefully crafted to suit your individual preferences and enhance your natural features. No more fussing with lip products; wake up with perfect lips every day. Are you ready to elevate your lip game? Contact us to explore your permanent lip makeup options.

The best permanent lipstick for you in Rockville, MD
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