Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi Ladies,

Today I wanna share with you information about, what the benefits can bring Permanent Makeup for different people.

The most obvious benefit of Permanent Makeup, it can simply save your time. People with busy schedules, long commutes and numerous commitments can several minutes out of their morning routine each day. But there are many other reasons to get Permanent Makeup done beyond the time saving benefits.

People with physical disabilities or impaired motor skills, such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis, may want Permanent Makeup because it's difficult for them to apply makeup themselves. With Permanent Makeup, they can continue to wear makeup without having to worry about whether they've applied it accurately. People with poor eyesight may invest in Permanent Makeup for the same reasons.

There are also cosmetic reasons why people use Permanent Makeup. After reconstructive surgery, especially of the face or breasts, Permanent Makeup can help return the skin's appearance to normal if pigment was lost during surgery. In fact, some people choose to undergo Permanent Makeup procedures to improve the results of cosmetics breast surgery. People with hair loss conditions that cause them to lose their eyebrows may invest in permanent eyebrow tattoos, whereas people with lip scars can use permanent lipstick to hide the unsightly marks. Permanent Makeup especially valuable to people with cosmetic allergies or those with pigmentation conditions like vitiligo, which causes the appearance of irregular white patches on the skin.

Also, you can reduce spending on cosmetics. If your brows are always on point, you have no need to purchase the latest pencils, gels, and brushes. If you also decide to select Permanent Makeup for eyeliner or lip, your savings will increase.

So, whatever your reason is, feel free to contact me, I will help you to make the right decision.

And remember, nowadays Permanent Makeup is safe and very beautiful...

Best regards,

Rita Makmak | Permanent Makeup Artist

Your Beauty Is My Passion

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