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Hello There! I'm Rita,
Your Trusted
Permanent Makeup Artist

Step into the world of Permanent Makeup excellence with me. I'm not just passionate about what I do; I'm also highly experienced, licensed, and certified to ensure you receive the best in the industry.


Located in the heart of Rockville, Maryland, I offer professional, safe, and exclusive services that cater to all your esthetic concerns. If you're in search of top-notch solutions for your beauty needs, you've landed in the right place!

Beauty Treatments You Can Trust

Permanent Makeup Powder Brows
Permanent Makeup Lip Blushing

Welcome to My Permanent Makeup Services – Where Your Beauty and Safety Are Our Top Priorities!

Welcome to My Permanent Makeup Services, where I'm all about helping you look and feel your absolute best in the safest way possible. My goal is simple: to make you feel beautiful and confident.

Here at My Permanent Makeup Services, I'm not just about enhancing your beauty; I'm here to listen to your unique needs and make sure you have a personalized experience that's perfect for you. Safety is something I take very seriously, and you can trust that you're in the hands of a professional who cares about your health and your beauty. So, step into my world, where your journey to feeling fabulous begins. Don't wait any longer – book an appointment with me today and see for yourself how I'm here to make you feel amazing!

Where Esthetics Meets Excellence

Unlock Your Beauty Potential Today Your Confidence Starts Here

At Rita Makmak Beauty Oasis, your well-being is my top priority. I believe everyone deserves to feel their best and confident. Whether it's perfect eyebrows, fuller lips, or captivating eyes you're after, my services cover all your beauty needs.

I specialize in affordable, safe, and virtually painless Permanent Makeup suitable for all ages. With a commitment to constant self-improvement and using the latest industry-approved technologies, I'm here to help you achieve your beauty goals. Contact me today, and let's start your beauty journey together!

You Defiantly Deserve It

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

My Quality Of Service Guarantee
At Artistry Of Permanent Makeup, I'm dedicated to fulfilling all of your beauty needs to your utmost satisfaction. I guarantee my work 100%, and if a client is unhappy for any reason, I will continue to work until the client is 100% happy. That is My Quality Of Service Guarantee.

Best quality

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Success Stories

As a Permanent Makeup Artist, I am constantly striving to improve my services and am always happy to receive feedback from my valued clients. No matter which option you choose, I will do my best to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results.

Check out some of the reviews left by my clients.

Thank You

I just want to finish by saying that I’m here for you not only as a Permanent Makeup Artist, but also as a friend.
I'm committed to helping you achieve all of your esthetic goals while living an amazing life as a Mom of three beautiful children and a Wife of a loving Man. I will continue to provide high quality beauty services and openly share my successes and mistakes, as this is my personal mission and purpose.
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If you simply love my Permanent Makeup services or what I wrote or shared, be sure to share it among your friends! I want to embellish as many lives as I can, and that’s the best way for you to support my mission.

Thank you so much for your support
Your Beauty is My Passion
Rita Makmak

Rita Makmak Beauty
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