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Permanent Makeup Refresh: Why and When

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Hello, lovely ladies!  Are you ready to learn more about the process of permanent makeup refresh? At Rita Makmak Beauty, we're here to explain this procedure and show you how to keep your radiant look. Whether you're a makeup pro or new to permanent cosmetics, this guide is for you.

Why You Need a Refresh?

Refresh - brings back the bright colors of your permanent makeup and makes it look as fresh and beautiful as the first day it was done.

Let's talk about how long PMU lasts. While it provides long-lasting beauty, the colors can slowly fade and lose their brightness. Several things can influence this:

  • How Your Body Works: Your body's way of processing things plays a part in fading the pigment over time.

  • The Sun: Being in the sun can make the colors lighter.

  • Skincare Stuff: Some skincare products can affect the PMU, like creams and scrubs.

When to do a permanent makeup correction?

Making It Beautiful Again

A permanent makeup refresh is a procedure where the artist makes your PMU look nice and bright again. We mainly work on making the colors look great and lively. During the refresh session, we can also make small changes to the shape and colors if you want.

When Is It Time for a Refresh?

Wondering when to think about a permanent makeup refresh? Look out for these things:

  • Colors Fading: If your colors aren't bright and look pale.

  • Using Makeup Every Day: If you feel like you have to use regular makeup on the PMU every day.

  • Different Shades: If one brow looks lighter than the other.

  • Weird Colors: When your colors start looking weird, like blue, gray, or red (sometimes because you didn't follow the care instructions—don't forget to use SPF!).

Don't wait for your PMU to totally go away. If you see any of these things, come to us at the right time. The cost of a Refresh is usually about half the price of the initial procedure, and you won't need a touch-up after a month.

Our recommendation is to come back for a refresh every 18-24 months to keep your PMU always looking fresh.

If you see any of the signs, don't wait to make an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is exclusively available only to clients who have previously had the initial procedure with us!

Stay fabulous!



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