Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Hi There,

I get a lot of questions from you Dear Ladies, about how long does Permanent Makeup last?

So, in average effect will lasts from 1 to 2 years! But not everything is so obvious here. It is very individual and depends on some factors:

👉🏻 Skin type In oily skin pigment stay shorter time, then in dry skin.

👉🏻 Age How older the age - the longer Permanent Makeup stay. Young organism much faster push pigment out.

👉🏻 What color of pigment you will choose

How lighter the color we used - faster it fades.

👉🏻 Ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet rays destroys the pigment. The less ultraviolet rays on the field of application, the longer effect will last. Therefore, I recommend you always using the creams with SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

👉🏻 Heat effect

Cosmetic procedures, hot baths, solarium, sauna - all these heat affects factors also contributes to faster pigment fading.

👉🏻 Prepare and Aftercare

Remember, with the proper prepare and aftercare, you will have much better results with your Permanent Makeup procedure. So, please read all carefully here

Best regards,

Rita Makmak | Permanent Makeup Artist

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